Mother And Daughter From Guess What State Arrested For Beating A Woman Unconscious Over Slow Driving

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You don’t even need the answer, of course, but I’ll say it anyway. Florida. The unhinged mother-daughter tag-team that were arrested for beating a young mom unconscious were, of course, from the humid, mosquito-infested asylum called Florida. The beating seems to have stemmed from some advanced case of idiotic road rage, with what appeared to be normal traffic sending the women into a violent frenzy in the middle of the street.


Alicia Nicole Scarduzio, 20, and Kelly Lyn Gemberling, 49, were, according to witnesses, driving aggressively near the intersection of Little Road and State Road 54 in Pasco County, when their attempt to pass the victim, Emily Bailey, was foiled by a red light.

Bailey, nonplussed by the car that just cut her off, honked her horn. While waiting at the red light, Bailey told News Channel 8:

“It was the longest red light of my life. They kept screaming at me, telling me they wanted to f—–g kill me. I just wanted the light to change. I never thought they would get out of their car and run toward me and pull me out of my vehicle.”


Apparently enraged by the horn honk, the mother and daughter ran to Bailey’s car, where one of them jumped into the car to throw it in park, while the other dragged Bailey out of the car’s window onto the ground.

Then they went batshit on her, beating her and banging Bailey’s head on the ground, breaking her nose and eventually knocking her unconscious.

Video taken by witnesses shows the ridiculous and brutal scene happening, right there in the road:

Eventually, another witness jumped in to break up the beating, and the women were soon arrested on charges of burglary and aggravated battery.


What the hell is the matter with people? Who ARE these people? What has to go so deeply wrong in your life that you’d abdicate your entire humanity just because you didn’t get through a red light when you wanted? And all while wearing a shirt that says “Happy Hour?”


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Takuro Spirit

Holy shit there was ACTUALLY a cop there when one was needed?