Most New Jersey Driver Ever Crashes Lambo, Leaves While It Burns

The most New Jersey driver ever reportedly crashed a Lamborghini Murcielago by the George Washington Bridge early Monday morning, and then left the scene while the supercar burned.

North reports that the crash happened around 2:00 AM on Monday at the Fort Lee side of the bridge, right around where Christie screwed around with all that traffic.


The AP reports that the driver is 33-year-old Deankarte E. Ditchfield-Agboh according to Port Authority authorities. He was issued summonses for "abandonment of a vehicle" as well as "leaving the scene of an accident."

The car was an '08 Murcielago, not a Diablo as was previously reported.

Only a true New Jersey driver could possess such a zero fucks given attitude.

UPDATE: Jalopnik contacted Ditchfield over the phone, but he declined to comment about the crash and his appearance on the 2009 Gumball Rally, seen on his Facebook page discussing a Bugatti and Porsche pulled over at a claimed 171mph and here with singer Mario.

Hat tip to Patrick Frawley!

Photo Credit: Andrew Clifford via Twitter

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