A few days ago @S15babe_’s now-purple Nissan Silvia blew up on the automotive internet, fast becoming the most hated car online. It’s too low! It has too much camber! Some guy with dreadlocks and face tattoos took my dream car and ruined it. Indeed, look at my camber, ye mighty, and despair.

Here’s the post that went most recently viral about the car, noting that it came down to Tennessee for a low car show and then got stuck in another town, too:


Everyone is happy to pile on this thing like it’s a clout chaser, but I’m not mad. It’s just a car, right?

Whats funny is that while Americans see the S15 Silvia as a forbidden fruit sports car, meant to be driven fast and sideways, it’s normal to find S15s stanced back in Japan, as noted by ccccccccutie’s wonderful Scared Too podcast.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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