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One selling point for electric cars is that they have massive heaps of torque available from a standstill. This largely negates the need for multiple gear ratios, but that hasn't stopped Morgan from trying out a five-speed manual transmission on their new Plus E electric car.

The Plus E is Morgan's Plus 8 with a 94 horsepower, 221 lb-ft electric motor from the UK firm Zytek instead of a gas-swilling BMW V8. It's not that different from Morgan's Aero Supersports-based +E prototype.


What's especially weird about Morgan's five-speed gearbox is that even though it uses a clutch like any other manual, you can keep the clutch engaged when stopped, and then pull away like driving an automatic. That's what peak torque at zero RPM can do.

The unveiling at Geneva is really a sales pitch, as Morgan will only build the Plus E if there is sufficient demand.

Photo Credit: Morgan

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