Morgan's Insane Hot Rod April Fools' Joke Should Absolutely Be A Thing

April Fools’ Jokes from car companies are, as a rule, bad and dumb; cheap, faux-cute attention grabs devoid of any real cleverness because they’ve been sanitized by the folks from Legal and Marketing. This is not the case at Morgan Motor Company, British purveyors of classic wood-framed go-fast machines, whose April 1 joke is something that should actually happen.


On Friday on Twitter, Morgan released the MOGrod—in essence, a Morgan hot rod, powered by a Ford 3.7-liter V6.

Morgan hot rod. Let that one swirl around in your mind-brain a little bit. How wonderful would that be? And it doesn’t even seem that crazy; after all, most of the 3 Wheelers are delightfully absurd-looking little speed demons, often painted up to look like World War II fighter planes.

A hot rod is totally on-brand for Morgan.


And because the company is incredibly cruel, it also released an image of this... well, kind of four-wheel 3 Wheeler, a low-slung speedster it said would be taking to the Bonneville Salt Flats later this year.


Hell. Yes.

Sadly, the crazy machines are not to be, although Morgan conceded that people actually sought to place deposits on these wild things. Can you blame them? I want both of them.


It’s not too late, Morgan. You can still make this happen. These are the cars the world deserves. The demand is clearly there!


This story has been updated to reflect that the car in question is technically a hot rod, not a rat rod, as several of you pointed out. Happy now?


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