Morgan has slapped their name onto the very successful OAK Racing LMP2 Le Mans prototype, and they're headed back to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. How come we're not getting a wood-framed prototype racer, and why did this tie-up happen?

As Leo Parente explained in a recent episode of Shakedown, there are two good reasons why Morgan, a company that builds old-school British roadsters, is suddenly running someone else's car at Le Mans.


First of all, there is the goal of technology transfer. For instance, OAK's Judd BMW engine shares the same production block with the BMW V8 in top tier-Morgan road cars. Second of all, Morgans are popular in France, and a prominent place in France's favorite motorsports event can only help sales.

Oh yeah, and it sounds like the wrath of god.

(Hat tip to: McNewbie1!)

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