Morgan LifeCar Up Close and Personal

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Even though we already saw the details of the Morgan LifeCar concept just a couple of weeks ago, Geneva is the first time it's been on display for all to see, and it's strangely delicate. The hydrogen fuel cell-powered LifeCar is a concept directed at a possible future for the builder of ash-framed always-been-retro sports cars. The exterior design follows that history, and the interior, while beautiful can easily be described as brutal in is cleanliness. Steam-bent plywood covered in hand stitched leather, a wood-rimmed steering wheel and a single gauge in the speedometer all find their way inside the LifeCar. It feels as though Morgan decided the juxtapose the high tech power train against an elegantly simple yet handsome interior.


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Rob Emslie

Love the Moon disks, need to take that bad boy out to Bonneville.

Do you think they meant for there not to be a back window? I'll bet they got it there and then went "Oh shit! we forgot to cut out the rear screen. Don't we look like assholes?"