Morgan Unveils LifeCar Details Ahead Of Geneva

Morgan is building the LifeCar to demonstrate, "that a zero emission vehicle can also be fun to drive." The tiny English car maker - better known for wood framed roadsters - is trying to do what no car maker has done before it: bring to market a fast, fun, desirable sports car that makes no sacrifices for its hydrogen fuel cell.

Built on the same basic architecture as the Aero8, the LifeCar is given a more futuristic art-deco look as well as a significant reduction in weight. By combining that low weight with high levels of hybridization, Morgan predict the LifeCar will have performance to match a sports car while achieving a 200-mile fuel range.


Charles Morgan, the company's Strategy Director, told CarBodyDesign, "The real challenge is to design and build a car that is fun to drive - a proper sports car. The use of ultra capacitors to store the surplus energy and then use this for acceleration and braking does promise a dynamic ride, especially when combined with our ultra light chassis. The pairing of weight to a minimum is our strength, and allows a much smaller fuel cell than conventionally thought necessary. This gives energy and yet more weight savings." [Via CarBodyDesign]

Morgan will debut the car at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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