More on the Reborn Duesenberg

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BidnessWeek's hopped on the Duesie bandwagon, and the article's got a bit more on the machine's unique propulsion system. Apparently, it was designed by legendary custom-vehicle nut Eddie Paul, patterned after a patent he holds on a water pump used by the men who fight the forest fires. The entire unit itself rotates, rather than featuring a conventional internal rotating assembly. Interestingly enough, the motor uses no oil; the gasoline is apparently lubrication enough, given the engine's design. To mix metaphors, could a lone gunman have built a better mousetrap? Time will tell, but in the meantime, the car will debut at Pebble Beach in '07 featuring a Merc 12 between the framerails.


Duesenberg Rises Again [BusinessWeek]

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When I saw the previous post on this engine, I filed it away under scam. But after reading the Automobile magazine article on Eddie Paul (June 2007), I'm intrigued.

However, I'm still a bit skeptical on the performance claims, otherwise I would imagine that every major auto manufacturer would be pursuing development of an axial vector motor.