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More JDM Madness: Mugen's Honda Life Kit

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With the Mugen-tuned Civic coming to a Honda dealer near you, the company's name is sure to attract attention outside the JDM-Honda universe. As Mugen's package for the new Honda Life keicar (660cc) indicates, they'll slap a body kit on just about anything, no matter how tiny. While the Mugen-kitted Life won't be winning hearts in the US (keicars are a distinctly Japanese phenom), nor will it be burning a hole in the Suzuka tarmac anytime soon, Mugen's association may lend tuner cred to the smallest of JDMs. Cosmetics include larger front and rear bumpers and air intakes, Mugen wheels, side skirting, exhaust, suspension kit and turbo boost gauge (yes, there's a Life turbo). Now all it needs is a shoehorned-in Hayabusa or GSXR engine, an empty stretch of Nakasendo Highway and a really loud horn.

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[via Nihon Car and Bike]

SEMA Show: 2007 Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan; Keicar Watch: Mitsubishi to Build Next-Gen Otti for Nissan [internal]

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Am I the only one who has always wanted keicars to be available in the US?

As a teenager, I thought having a Beat or AZ-1 as a first car would be the coolest thing on earth. Now with congestion, fuel prices, etc... it really would be the perfect commuter or intra-city vehicle (at least for people who wouldn't consider motorcycles and scooters).

Apparently now there's even an outfit in Canada selling the early-90s era keicars, but I'm sure they'd be impossible to get DOT-spec'd.