Keicar Watch: Mitsubishi to Build Next-Gen Otti for Nissan

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Mitsubishi's press peeps dropped us a note this morning (as they sometimes do) indicating the company will carry its supply of eK Wagons to Nissan into the next generation of the boxy keicar — set to arrive down Tokyo way in the second half of this year. Nissan sells the current generation of the 660cc eK as the Otti in Japan. It's a pretty straightforward transaction, and not a groundbreaking news story, though we're feeling an obsession with Japanese keicars coming on, and you may just be cursed subject to it in a big way. We'll see. (Send 'em to

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Impending keicar barrage, huh? You'll have to repost the Suzuki Mighty Boy at some point, y'know, just to keep the kei wave on a Camino tip.