Monster Motorcycle To Appear At Aussie Car Show

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We got a little out of hand with the monster vehicles the other day, but Aussie Ray Baumann has gone straight bonkers. His creation, the Monster Motorbike, is a 13 ton, 9 meter tall, Detroit Diesel powered crushing machine, it's also, obviously, a motorcycle. Ray will be hooning his super cycle at the Melbourne International Motor Show which starts on February 29th by way of crushing things for fun. Apparently this madman has also cast himself in Evel Kneivel's image and jumps things, having broken his back - twice - by doing so. On his appearance at the show, Baumann says:

"We did stunt driving for quite a few years, broke a few records and broke my back a few times, so this is a way of taking a bit more care, now we crush things, which is definitely less risky than jumping them - we still do jump things, but not at the Melbourne Motor Show."


We salute you, Mister Crazy-Assed-Aussie-Super-Hoon, today's real Jalopnik hero. Our only question is - why the hell do we get stuff like cattle stampedes and not giant death machine motorcycles crushing things? Not fair.

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@Mad_Science: You've said that, how many times now?

Australia wants YOU! join our army of hoons to crush Harold Scruby (Sort of our Jerry Falwell, only he hates cars, hoons, FWD with bullbars, that sort of thing)