Evel Tribute Submissions In, Help Us Decide The Final Jump

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A few Friday's ago, the hoon world lost the renegade of the ramp, the sultan of speed, the king of compound fractures, Evel Knievel. We asked you to work up your personal tribute to this monster of pop culture and you responded in spades. In the last days, we put together the Jalopnik Counsel of Awesomeness and selected our ten favorite entries for you to vote on. The reasons range from impressive level of CIA style photo manipulation, to complete irreverence mirroring the life of the man in question. We've decided to leave the voting anonymous, so as to avoid the popularity contests that you kids get caught up in. The winner, and their commentary will be revealed on Wednesday afternoon. Voting, and as always, comments, after the jump.

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Evel's last jump: red white and blue coffin - with tassels, natch - rocket powered, launched on a ballistic trajectory to a burial at sea.

Nuclear cremation optional, but strongly recommended.