Those curious how Max Mosley was able to pull an upset vote and keep his job as head of the FIA after a serious Nazi sex scandal need look no further than Mohammed Bin Sulayem, head of motorsports in the United Arab Emirates. Oh Max, did you really think it would look better to have your ass saved in a scandal involving the Jewish community by a guy named Mohammed? It's actually not that bad, we think... though Bin Sulayem did bring up terrorist attacks in his defense of Mosley. Seriously.


To be fair, Bin Sulayem is a former rally driver and mover-and-shaker in the racing scene in that part of the world and could very well view this on moral grounds, but we don't think he should have called the setup a "terrorist attack on his personal life." How did he do it? Bin Sulayem claims to have controlled around 40 votes, mostly from African countries, which swayed the decision in favor of Mosley. Bin Sulayem is actually the guy behind the SLR-powered Mercedes SLK and, apparently, a big Michael Jackson fan. Just when you started to think F1 was actually about the racing. (h/t to PhkMark)

[Photo: Getty Images, GMM via F1-Live]