Max Mosley Wins FIA Vote, Keeps Job

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In a stunning victory aided by the smaller organizations, Max Mosley won a vote of confidence from an assembly of FIA representatives. The vote was 103 for the motion and 55 against with seven abstentions and four invalid votes. The response has been overwhelming with German organization ADAC, the largest automobile club in Europe, vowing to leave the FIA until Mosley steps down. American organization AAA is considering similar action according to a representative who spoke to reporters after the vote. Additionally, the Dutch aren't quite happy and Neville Chamberlain the British MSA (Motor Sports Association) thinks everyone should just move on. Some reaction quotes below the jump, including Ray screaming "appeasement" in Helvetica bold.


ADAC - Germany

With regret and incomprehension, the ADAC has learned from the decision by the General Assembly of the FIA in Paris to confirm Max Mosley in his function as president of the FIA. For Europe's largest motoring club, this is a reason to put down all its functions and the involvement in the global organisation of motoring clubs with immediate effect and to step down from the globally active FIA working groups. The ADAC will stick to this attitude as long as Max Mosley will be on duty as president of the FIA."

ANWB - The Netherlands

Well, we've known Max for a long time. He is always pushing the arguments against him away and he is promoting his own arguments. And he has a lot of contacts with the smaller clubs and what we have seen in the general assembly is that more or less the smaller clubs are in favour. But when you look to the bigger clubs, the AAA (USA), the triple A in Australia, the JAF (Japan) of 70 million members, the ADAC in Germany, the NWB in the Netherlands, they all are against. So when you count the members behind the members then I don't think he will succeed."

MSA - Britain

The Motor Sports Association respects the decision of the FIA General Assembly concerning President Mosley and considers that it is now time to move on and for the sport to pull together. The Motor Sports Association looks forward to continuing to work constructively as an important member of the FIA in the future."


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The Stevenson

@Mike the Dog: In a perfect world people would be able to separate someone's professional commitment to a job from their personal life. Unfortunately, as human nature dictates, that is not the case.

If the revelations by the News of the World are true and there was a Nazi connotation to the event in question, then I find it hard for him to continue to have an open dialog with those of Jewish background or other groups that were affected during the reign of Nazism in Germany, Austria, and other parts of the world.

If a white high school guidance councilor of a predominately black high school used racial slurs in his private life, outside of his professional duty, and someone shared that information with the student body, it would be hard for the relationship between that individual and the students to be negatively affected.