Mobile Car Cleaner Spectacularly Wrecks Customer's Ferrari 458 Italia

Illustration for article titled Mobile Car Cleaner Spectacularly Wrecks Customers Ferrari 458 Italia

The maxim "If you want something done right you should do it yourself" usually does not apply to car cleaning, but the owner of this Ferrari 458 Italia who loaned their precious Italian sports car to mobile car cleaning service probably regrets outsourcing that particular job given what's left of the car.

According to the lovely Nancy Atkinson Turner, whom you might remember from this crash, says a "valeter" (a Britishism for the person who does mobile car detailing) she's used before did this bit of damage to the 458 in the town of Portsmouth, UK.


Perhaps he was trying to air dry it?


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Victorious Secret

I've always wondered, can accidents done while driving a car for work purposes cause your own personal insurance to go up?

If not, should they?

That would be a great way to keep all these morons in line.