Mitsubishi Credits Non-Existent Website With Praise For Its Worst Car

It's hard to defend the Mitsubishi Galant these days. The current one has been around since 2003, and we've called it the worst car still for sale on a number of occasions. But one website seems willing to stick up for the Galant, and that's Except that doesn't seem to be an actual site.


A quote on the Galant section of Mitsubishi's website says "The Galant is a family sedan with both heart and style," a quote they attribute to something called Going to gives you a 404 error (Update: now it's a blank website, which is even stranger) and the only mentions of the site that can be found in a Google search are in the context of their quote about the Galant.

As for that quote, it also appears on the "accolades" section of their website, where it is accurately attributed to It does conveniently leave off the second part of that quote, the extremely unflattering "However, when compared to its more illustrious chief rivals, the Galant fades into the background as it's lacking in practicality, build quality and a few key features." Maybe that's why they won't say it came from Edmunds.

The really weird thing is that this is nothing new. VWVortex pointed out way back in 2010 that Mitsubishi was quoting a non-existent website for the Galant. The site has been redesigned since then, but the quote is still there.

So here's what we can learn from this: no one cares about the Galant anymore. Not even the people at Mitsubishi, who apparently don't look at their own website. (Or at least, the Galant section of it.)


We've reached out to Mitsubishi about this one, so let's hear what they have to say about it.

Update 3 p.m.: As of this afternoon, says this:


Um, okay then.

Update: Mitsubishi took the quote down.

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