The problem topic of older drivers remains a hot-button issue, and with the Baby Boomers plowing toward retirement, the number of older drivers on the road is expected to double over the next few decades. To address the politically sensitive implications of this progression, the MIT AgeLab has converted a Volvo XC90 into an Aware Mobile. The crossover is outfitted with a collection of sensors and doodads, not help the elderly drive, but rather to properly determine when a senior should hand in his or her keys.


Everything from eyelid sensors, to vitals sensors, to cameras, to speed and trajectory sensors are integrated in the Volvo, and the resulting data is stored in a hard drive in the trunk, allowing easy transmittal to the friendly neighborhood DMV. The DMV can, in theory, recognize if an older person is unfit for the road, and subsequently pull their license. In reality, the DMV will do approximately squat. [Boston Globe via Autopia] (Image via Getty)

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