Old Woman Drives Car Into DMV, No One Cares

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As much as we hate waiting in line at the DMV, we usually just bring along a book and an iPod to pass the time. We're guessing 80-year-old Therese M. Smith didn't have an iPod, which is why she drove her 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis (the official car of old people) into the windows of the office. Seven people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries after the incident, which is being classified as an accident. Ms. Smith was cited for careless driving and doing something we'd always considered doing ourselves.


Woman Crashes Car Into DMV Office, Injures 11 [WPLG-TV]

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Miscellanea - back from the dead

In other news, Therese M. Smith returns to the DMV later that day, proclaims "wow, there really aren't very many people here today" and promptly gets her license renewed.

Tomorrows news headline: "Pedestrians run down by elderly lady who claims that her rental car brake pedal is not in the same location as her 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis."