Missouri Police Officer Adopts Kitten After Rescuing It From a Busy Highway

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Kittens are great at a lot of things, including, but not limited to: purring louder than a portable speaker, falling asleep at any moment, making the act of biting and scratching someone seem cute, and getting stuck in less-than-favorable situations involving cars. Luckily, some people are willing to step in and help.

A police officer from North Kansas City, Missouri, Jason Smith, was patrolling last month when he saw a kitten stranded on a concrete barrier in the middle of six lanes of highway traffic, according to local news station KMBC. Footage from Smith’s body camera shows him get out of his vehicle, walk to the median and pick the kitten and its singed tail up, before settling back into his driver’s seat of his vehicle to calm it down on his way back to the station.

Here’s the body-cam footage, via Cincinnati station WKRC:


Even sweeter than the footage of the kitten getting pet during the car ride and accidentally tripping Smith’s lights and sirens, giving a nearby driver a scare, is that KMBC reports Smith’s family adopted the kitten. They named her Bella, and there’s video of Smith talking about the rescue and adoption here.

KBMC reports that police don’t know how the kitten got on top of the concrete barrier, but, again, kittens get into these situations far too often, sometimes at the hands of the people who are supposed to take care of them. The good thing is that this kitten now has a home, and can do all of the other, better things kittens are known for—purring, play-fighting and napping included.