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Here's Another Video of a Kitten Being Rescued From a Car to Remind You the World Isn't All Bad

Illustration for article titled Heres Another Video of a Kitten Being Rescued From a Car to Remind You the World Isnt All Bad
Image: Miami-Dade Police Department (Facebook)

The one big downside of cars—other than that they crash, they sometimes rust and that the good ones are slowly getting phased out by people who want gears to shift themselves and by crossover demand—is that sometimes, small animals crawl into them and can’t get out without help. This kitten got that help.


And it was all on video, because everybody loves a good kitten rescue.

Officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department had to come to the rescue for a kitten that was only a few weeks old and stuck in a Ford Fusion recently, with the department posting a video on Facebook afterward. The post said the rescue happened during a local soccer game over the weekend and called it a “purrfect success,” because, honestly, the “purr-” thing never gets old or less cute.


Here’s the video, where the person filming said the kitten was “really tiny” and that the car was “super hot.” But that didn’t deter this mission:

Feel free to let out an “aw,” but, like, try not to get fired for watching cat videos at work or anything. Keep that “aw” going, too, because the Facebook post said members of the local police and fire departments found a home for the kitten, whom they named “Lucky.”

Lucky indeed.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Dream Theater of the Absurd

Awwww... the poor baby.

Hopefully Lucky will find a furever home. I’d be game if I weren’t at the opposite side of the country. And already serving three cats.

Edit:  apparently Lucky has found a home.  Guess I should pay more attention!