Miss Unsafe Brakes 1939 Looks A Little Anorexic There

Come on, Miss Unsafe Brakes, have a sandwich or something! You're in 1939 Chicago, for weeping audibly, have a nice big deep-dish hot dog cheesesteak hoagie or whatever it is they eat there. I swear I can see your sternum behind that sash.

And, in case you're wondering, this picture was taken at the 1939 Chicago Auto Show, where, if I'm understanding everything, unsafe brakes were being touted as the Hot New Thing! It was sort of like driving without a steering wheel today — a jaunty way to let everyone know what a devil-may-care scoundrel you were.


Sure, we could have had nice safe disc brakes in cars as early as 1902, but we were all just having too much fun and looking too cool with our sweet, fade-prone unsafe drum brakes.

Hot damn! I'm gonna go drain all the fluid out of my master cylinder right now and get in on the unsafe braking fun!

(Thanks, T.Mike!)

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