Mini Reduces Cooper SE Range Estimate To 110 Miles

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Mini is advertising the range of the upcoming Cooper SE to be 110 miles in the U.S. market, a drop from its previous estimate of 114 miles and a significant drop from the European WLTP range of 146 to 168 miles. That is not an official EPA range, as that agency has not yet published a number. The EPA cycle often results in a lower range than the WLTP test; as we reported recently, the Taycan has an EPA estimated range of 201 miles—much less than the 280-mile European estimate.


The Cooper SE is a lot of fun and has more power than its competitors, with 181 horsepower and a mid-seven second 0-60 time. A 110-mile range might be enough for many people, especially since rental cars still exist for the occasional road trip. Information on trim level was also released, with the base “Signature” trim starting at $30,750 and the top-level “Iconic” starting at $37,750. Not to be confused with “Ioniq,” which is a Hyundai EV that starts at $29,815 and has a 124-mile range. Both are eligible for tax credits, bringing the cost to a level that may make 110 miles of range more palatable. As long as the official EPA estimate doesn’t come out even lower.

Maybe they should package it with an electric scooter in case you run out of juice.

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110 miles is a fucking joke.

Did I wake up in 2011 or something?