Experts have debated about whether cars can be considered art pieces since the early twentieth century when the French and the British started to come up with possibly the most beautiful automobiles ever made. Now MINI did something that turns the otherwise ugly Pacemen into a piece of art, too. They sort of blew it up.

Titled 'MINI KAPOOOW!', the installation debuted yesterday at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Placed into a giant Paceman-shaped frame, the piece consists of two parts. One is the energy-charged rear that creates a very direct three-dimensional atmosphere with the car's parts pulled apart, surrounded by a web of wires while colorful threads emanating from the body.


The front however is made of paper representing how a drawing comes alive through the modeling process.

I guess the MINI Design Team (led by Anders Warming) deserves a glass of champagne, because this is the only Paceman so far that I like.