Mini Ford Bronco Conquers All Pit Lane Terrain

Illustration for article titled Mini Ford Bronco Conquers All Pit Lane Terrain

What's an even cooler way to get around the pits than a Saleen Th!nk? How about a miniature Ford Bronco. We saw a few of these zipping around Milan Dragway last weekend, and we want one bad. We're not sure if these little things are at all capable off-road, but man, do they look sweet for cruisin' between your trailer and the staging lanes.

Trouble is, we can't find any for sale at what would be considered an affordable price, what with the fiberglass body kits running about $3000 or complete karts costing at least $9000. For that money we'll go browse the classifieds for an old Suzuki Samurai.

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How bout we make a Bronco out of a Japanese kei car? At least the vehicle would be more practical than a golf cart.