Saleen-Modified Th!nk Is The Only Way To Tour Pit Lane

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If you've brought a trailer full of Saleen wares to hawk during the Ford Racing weekend at Milan Dragway, you don't just walk around the pit area; you ride in style with a hotted-up Th!nk Neighbor. This bad boy is sporting dual exhausts to keep the electric motor breathing freely, a set of Minilite wheels to drop the unsprung weight, a Mustang steering wheel, bucket seats and an extra gauge pod, plus it's festooned with some rad Saleen decals. Bet this thing flies on the quarter mile.

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Rob Emslie

I don't believe that to be a legitimate Saleen-modified vehicle, as it only has SALEEN branded on the front and license plates.

Everyone knows that a true Saleen-massaged ride has, at a bare minimum, the SALEEN brand festooned to 100 places. They also come with SALEEN monogrammed tighty-whiteys pre-stuffed with "appearance enhancements".

This is obviously a homage to the master, and a work in progress. All hail Stave SALEEN!