You know how every Olympic sport isn't boomerang-based? That's a problem for many reasons, but the most obvious of which is the fact that when something gets thrown, eventually it has to be retrieved.

Instead of genetically engineering 1/2 scale goats with grafted-on chimpanzee arms for the job, like any rational person would, the London Olympics are employing 1/4 scale electric, remote controlled MINIs.


These R/C MINIs are pretty cool: 10 HP (!) motor, vented disc brakes, beefy suspension to handle those heavy shot put balls, and they're good for 35 minutes of operation. The roof opens to reveal a waterproof storage area, and the open roof allows javelins to be transported as well. They can carry a 17.6 lb payload and have so far been running without a hitch.

This a is a good advertising move on the BMW Group's part, and it's great to see R/C cars used in a utility context. I hope Tomy's paying attention and will be providing Omnibots as personal valets to all the athletes.

(Thanks, Ryan!)

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