Mid-Engine Corvette: Unsubstantiated Sketchy Forum Rumor Expects Surprise Reveal in 10 Days

Photo: Stefan Baldauf. Used with permission.
Photo: Stefan Baldauf. Used with permission.

Despite earlier reports that a new mid-engine Corvette has been delayed due to an overhaul of its electrical system, a person on a forum wants us all to be ready for a surprise reveal of such a car at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple of weeks.


User Zerv02 over on the Corvette Forums dropped a mysterious and cryptic tease on the boards yesterday, typing, “Suprise [sic] unveil on the 14th, stay tuned.” What could it mean? The user then doubled down, saying, “Coupe and Spider” in response to someone asking if it was the same car Zerv02 previously claimed would cost $169,900. Seemingly reading the room, Zerv02 addressed the skepticism of their claim with, “My source never lets me down.”

Another user in the thread backed Zerv02 up with, “Now would that be cool or what? GM diverts the market with a phantom major electric issue and springs the release at the NAIAS. I am still perplexed why an electrical issue would delay the release? You don’t need the car 100% functional for a release, point and case the many concept cars over the years.”

Yeah, why would developing an entirely new electrical system and wiring harness for a new generation of GM products delay a vehicle built with the old one?

Regardless, General Motors has yet to officially address the existence of a mid-engine vehicle in development, despite numerous camouflaged cars running around all over the place.

When asked directly if the car would be at this year’s Detroit show, Chevrolet confirmed that it isn’t bringing anything at all. There is no time carved in the event schedule for Chevrolet, and it has yet to announce any event of its own.


Additionally, when Jalopnik asked a source with knowledge of GM’s product planning who informed us of the rumored delay in development of the car if there were any plans to show it off in Detroit, the source responded that they were “99 percent positive” it wasn’t going to happen.

Despite this, Jalopnik has sent me to Detroit early, where I am now camped outside of the Cobo Center with ten packs of cigarettes and a large thermos of black tea. I asked someone walking in about the mid-engine Corvette. He asked me for a cigarette, which I gave him because I don’t smoke, and then he went through the locked door without saying anything. Not even a “thank you.”


If you have any information about a surprise reveal of the mid-engine Corvette at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, come find me at the Cobo Center. Or better yet, just email me.

If you ask me, though, I wouldn’t get my hopes up on seeing it any time soon.

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