Despite a recent crash, Michael Schumacher's new motorcycle racing career has shown that he really has a natural talent for going fast, no matter what the vehicle. Of course, nobody doubts that the seven-time Formula One champion has skill. The question is whether that talent runs in the Schumacher DNA. Sure, brother Ralf has had a decent career in F1 too, but since both siblings grew up on a karting track, it might be a case of nurture over nature. So what about Michael's son, Mick Schumacher? The European press are already calling the kid "Schumi III", but he just started his racing career.

It's not like this was even a big-time competition, but just a minor kart race in Spain. The Schumachers wanted it to be a low-key affair, so Michael decided to not show up. The kid was even entered under the name "Mick Betsch", utilizing mom's maiden name. But what were the results? Was "Shumi III" as dominant as daddy? Not quite. In two heats, he finished in tenth and eighth.
[F1-Live, Image Credit]