Michael Schumacher: Manliest Of Men

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Michael Schumacher showed the rest of the driving world who's boss this weekend, winning the International Challenge of the Stars kart race for the second time then fueling rumors of his return to F1.

After kicking the collective asses of Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichello, Nelson Piquet and a bunch of other famous drivers, Schumacher was asked about his rumored return to F1 as Nico Rossberg's teammate at Mercedes. Refusing to refute the story, Schumi said, "Who knows? Anything can happen....I don't have any problems with my neck. It's 100 per cent."

Worried that the 40-year-old might not have what it takes to deliver the goods in F1? Check out this video for proof of his driving chops.
[via 0-60]

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Those karts are pretty cool, but a real manly man would put grooved tires on his kart and race it on dirt.

Let's see the Eurowunderman run the cushion right up against the wall at Eldora. We'll see what he is really made of then.