Michael Schumacher Allegedly Mows Down UK Pedestrian

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Michael Schumacher may have mad skills on the track, but the international racing sensation allegedly may have mowed down a pedestrian while attempting to overtake a pair of old ladies in a Fiat this weekend. Schumacher was apparently driving a Ducato van back from the Silverstone Classic in England when he knocked over Martin Kingham, who was locking up his garage. That's right, Schumi loves the van. Accidents happen, but apparently the seven-time world F1 champ doesn't like admitting he was wrong, at least according to Kingham.

'I thought I recognised the driver but my head was spinning. He was screaming: 'What the f***ing hell were you doing in the road.

'He seemed cross, as if I was in the wrong. I called the police.'


'He still didn't apologise. He was arrogant. The way I landed was lucky. My leg was aching, and the next day a big bruise came up below my knee.'


While we're glad to hear that everyone is okay, we're sort of wondering if Schumacher isn't getting a bit cocky given recent incidents...

(Hat tip to everyone who sent this one in!) [The Daily Mail, Photo: Getty Images]

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Rob Emslie

@graverobber- Two BEER minimum: Effing Ay! When did you start having different headlines from before the jump to after? Make me look like an asshole whydoncha.