Michael McDowell NASCAR Crash Proves Pine Tree Air Fresheners Are Lucky

Michael McDowell, a 23 year old rookie with Michael Waltrip Racing proved once again the main reason for watching NASCAR is the crashes. McDowell slid into the wall at the Texas Motor Speedway last Friday during qualifying laps for the Samsung 500 and proceeded to roll down the track, by our count, eight times. McDowell incredibly walked away from the wreck and credited the safety advancements like the Hans device, new designs in the car of tomorrow, and the SAFER barriers with his not being turned into a hamburger patty. We like to think his lucky Pine Tree air fresher dangling from the rear view mirror had something to do with it. [Dallas Morning News]

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Ash78, voting early and often

So that's how a Camry behaves in a crash? I guess I'll go drive my Camry 180mph since I'll be okay when I eat it.

/same logical leap NASCAR is founded upon