Michael Bay's Need For Speed: The Run trailer is awesome

Yes, that's correct — Michael Bay is no longer just content with destroying our cineplexes, childhood memories, and Chevrolet commercials (strangely, all three types of destruction intersect in the Transformers franchise) with his brand of "Awesome." Now he's going after the world of video games. Bay's directed this trailer for EA's Need For Speed: The Run and yes, it's every bit the Baygasm you expect.


This trailer has everything you'd expect from Michael Bay — there's explosions, random car crashes, a Camaro, a Ford Police Interceptor, more random car crashes, a hapless looking guy jumping through breaking glass while screaming the word "Nnnoooooo!" in slow motion, a woman with slightly-smaller-than-huge breasts, a few more random crashes, an avalanche, a skanky looking woman with small breasts, the Ford Police Interceptor getting shot at by a helicopter, a train, high speed chases, a guy jumping off a building, and just to top it all off — even more random car crashes.


Awesome? Yup. You betcha.

Because, you know, in the restaurant of Michael Bay your server doesn't just bring you awesome, she brings you awesome and then, at the table, spits flaming Bacardi 151 on it. Just because.

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THAT is the way to make a trailer.

Too bad I just keep on having to hit the Reset button, but my 5 seconds or so of amazing driving prowess (aka: slo-mo just-before-I-craaassshhhh) is so much cooler than real life.

DISCLOSURE NOTICE: I never finished a video game in my life.