Miata Looks On As Mount Aso Erupts

The Japanese volcano began spewing ash and lava on Wednesday.

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Gif: BNO News / Twitter

Mount Aso, a volcano in Japan, began erupting on Wednesday, Oct. 20. at 11:43 a.m. local time. A whole slew of JDM cars looked on as ash and lava spewed from the active volcano, hitting heights up to 2.2 miles above the crater.

JDM cars like, say, this slick little Mazda Miata chilling in a parking lot while chaos descends around it:


You can check out some stunning footage of the big eruption below:

Folks in Japan have been sharing their own videos of the eruption — some from their commutes:


The volcano itself isn’t on mainland Japan but instead sits on the island of Kyushu. It’s a popular tourist destination, and there were even some climbers on the mountain’s face when the eruption began. Thankfully, those on the mountain at the time of the eruption have safely descended, the Washington Post reports. Locals in nearby towns have been advised to stay as far away as possible — strong winds could, after all, blow rocks and debris far from the volcano itself — but so far, there have been no casualties reported.

Mount Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan and is one of the biggest in the world. It features several different peaks and craters, and while the volcano is still active and even had a small eruption in 2019, its last large-scale eruptions happened tens of thousands of years ago.


Volcanoes in and around Japan have been erupting in pretty rapid succession lately, and some of those those eruptions have even pushed old World War II ships up and out of the water near Iwo Jima.

And Aso isn’t the only volcano going through a little activity this morning, Volcano Discovery reports. Eruptions are taking place at Manam in Papua New Guinea, Nevado del Ruiz in Columbia, Sangay and Reventador in Ecuador, and Sabancaya in Peru, though none have rivaled the power of Aso.