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If only the Brits could hold on to their car companies. The moving of their formerly great/adequate/tolerable brands around the world is continuing to create confusion. We know that Tata owns Rover and Nanjing/SAIC owns the MG Rover designs.... or at least we think we know that. We just learned a company in Britain is producing a handful of MG's every month with the MG badge. How? We explain below the jump.


It turns out MG Sport & Racing wasn't part of the deal when all the Nanjing Auto maddness went down. This apparently included the right to produce the Qvale Mangusta-based MG XPower SV. A British company stepped up to fill the tiny vacuum created by the loss of Xpower production. Powered by a a 4.6-Liter Ford V8, this sports car can be yours for the low, low price of about $150,000. With production limited to six per month, these cars are certainly unique. Worried about finding parts? Have no fear as this car is made out of a plethora of other cars. For instance, notice those headlights? Standard Fiat Punto.


That's right MG fans, rejoice away as it's the car company that will never die. [Birmingham Mail via China Car Times]

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