Mercedes R-Class Wagon Signed by The Rolling Stones to Be Auctioned

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Those of us who came up in the post—Beggars Banquet world have lots to thank The Rolling Stones for. That means we have to go see them in concert once every 15 years, like clockwork, out of respect. Of course, despite being total ass kickers well into their 60s, the Stones' pre-geriatric megatour product endorsements kind of dilute the experience of hearing "Midnight Rambler" live, while all whiskeyed up (yes, that's a flask, officer, and no, I'm not happy to see you). Nonetheless, one of their sponsored Mercedes R500 tour wagons (signed) is going up for charity auction along with a Fender Telecaster guitar. Interested bidders have to pre-register online. Go forth, pops, and whip out some of that peak-earning-years geesh.


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