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"R-Class, you mean machine, you make a grown man cry with luxury." Ok, The Rolling Stones' new association with the Mercedes R-Class isn't quite as awkward as that lyrical mash of "Start Me Up," but it's not exactly smooth as "Little Red Rooster" either. Despite the demographic perfection of the deal between Benz and the band, it's still creepy to consider that the sixtysomething rockers who gave us "Let it Bleed" are promoting a Mercedes that might as well be called the AARP-Class. Maybe it's just us. Still, we'll be under the ear cans for the rest of the day, rocking the Stones' '60s-'70s trifecta of Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, and Sticky Fingers and trying not to think about what aunt Lorraine did at Altamont.

But back to the promotion. At more than 60 stops on the Stones' upcoming tour "A Bigger Bang," the R-Class will be displayed. MB is also auctioning a spanky, new R-Class model signed by the band, and giving away tickets and airfare to see the Stones on the European leg of the tour. Details at

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