Mercedes Pulled Over For Being Covered In Leather Armchairs

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Photo: Road Policing Scotland

Some Mercedes owner in Glasgow must really have something against vans, because they sure appeared to be determined not to use a van to transport (at least) three large leather armchairs, which were strapped precariously to the outside of the car, piled absurdly high. As with all of these sorts of things, I’m sort of impressed.


Glasgow police weren’t as impressed, though, as they pulled over the car and cited them for some offenses, or, quaintly, “offences,” among which I’m sure was one that said something like don’t strap a whole bunch of armchairs to your car.

I’m especially impressed with how the driver used the driver’s seat headrest post as an anchor point for the strap that’s holding that topmost chair to the car, like a huge, cubical backpack. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

Get a van, Mercedes driver. Mercedes even makes vans, if this was caused by brand-snobbery.

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my goat ate my homework

In my mind I’d rather have to over-load a vehicle 1% of year then to under-load a vehicle 99% of the year. This guy gets it.