Mercedes Is Like Two Steps Away From Naming Its Hypercar an Emoji

The world has been awaiting the F1 car for the road hypercar from Mercedes-AMG, the “Project One.” Now it is officially the “One.” This is fine, but I feel like Mercedes could go harder.

Mercedes made the announcement with this video, which also has some very sweet testing footage showing the car without any body.


You can see that more clearly here:

It reminds me of the Nissan GT-R LM looking like a hot rod from the future. Sell the car like this, I say.


As for the name, maybe it should just be “1" rather than “One.” Even simpler.

Maybe it should just go all in on minimizing symbols for maximizing information. Of course, I’m talking emojis. The one with the mushroom cloud going out of the guy’s head would be good. Oh, you see my 1,000 horsepower hypercar rolling through Monaco? Yeah, mind blown. Got it.


🚀 would be good, or maybe the UFO. The UFO even matches the AMG-Petronas color scheme. Think about it, Mercedes.

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