Female hitchhikers in popular culture are often portrayed showing a little leg in order to attract a ride, but a new French study shows this is the wrong approach and gives new meaning to those "Nevada or Bust" signs.

Psychologist Nicolas Guéguen placed a woman on the side of the road with A-cup breasts and had his team of researchers hide in the bushes to count how many men and woman attempt to pick her up. They then tried the experiment twice more with B-cup and C-cup latex "augmentations." The results were as expected.

Men picked up the woman with C-cup 24% of the time, compared to just 18% for B-cup breasts and 15% for A-cup breasts. There was no correlation between cup size and whether or not a woman would pick up the female hitchhiker, though women on the whole were more unlikely to pick up a woman hitchhiker.

It's worth noting this was done on the French standard for breasts, with size B being "average" and size C being "above average." Adjust for your region.

(Hat tip to AustintheBruiser!)

[NCBI via Psychology Today]

Photo Credit: Tandem/Shutterstock.com