Meet The Shop That Keeps Alive Jaguar's Tortured Supercar, The XJ220

Photo Credit: Jeremy Heslup/Valkyr Films/Praemio
Photo Credit: Jeremy Heslup/Valkyr Films/Praemio

It is difficult being the most disappointing supercar to ever debut, the most right place, wrong time exotic of the modern era. The Jaguar XJ220 was unappreciated at its debut, but it has grown into a legend, and one shop keeps it alive.

That’s Don Law Racing, who you’ve seen before if you’re a particularly ardent fan of the biggest Jag of all. This new video by Jeremy Heslup/Valkyr Films for Praemio gives you a perfect tour of the place and the cars over which it obsesses.

It’s this little shop, not even Jaguar itself, that is the keeper of these cars’ parts and records. This is the place where they are restored or updated and given the respect the once fastest car in the world deserves but never got.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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People who hated XJ220 when it debuted can go and fork themselves. The car is a legend and looked better than most supercars of that era. Hell, it still looks better than most modern supercars.