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Meet The Secret Designers Behind BMW and VW’s Massive Success

A lot of the greatest car designers are kept far from the public eye. Now you get to meet two of the most out-there innovators working today, responsible in part for why all of your friends want to drive BMW and Volkswagens.


It seemed to come out of nowhere that everyone started wanting BMWs, VW became the third largest car company in the world, and crossovers took over our roads. This new video by Kippenberger, who shot amazing video of the 'Ring with drones and the awesome Kart Kids, lets you meet Stefan Liske and Alex Nolte of PCH Berlin-Los Angeles GmbH. They're the thinkers behind the next big changes in the cars we buy.


They made VW hugely profitable. They made BMW one of the biggest success stories in the car business. They're also a little unhinged, as you'll find out.

You will see more videos in this series. There won't be any tire smoke, but you'll get to meet designers, innovators, and researchers who are responsible for the ideas that go into our cars. People who are not usually accessible. You can see more of Stefan Liske here on Drive, and we will have more of Alex Nolte coming up.

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I think BMWs were much better looking in 1999-2002. Chris Bangle wrecked everything and they're still recovering from the visual stink he left on the brand.

Lots of ugly things are popular.