As they quietly prepare for their uprising, robots are currently killing time (instead of humans) by doing things like building our cars for us. Since it's National Robotics Week, Ford decided to feature an unsung hero of robotics working at their Niehl, Cologne, Germany plant, robot doctor Gerd Zech.

Dr.Zech fixes the robots when they break down, are injured, or, I suppose, just need someone kind to talk to. There's over 900 robots in the plant, and the robot doctor says he's saved over 1,000 robots (some must have retired or moved on to other opportunities) so my guess is when the uprising does come, Gerd Zech will be given a comfortable cage with the best food and his pick of mates from the Human Containment Facilities.

Seriously, though, this guy's job seems pretty amazing, and those are incredible machines. It's very hard not to read them as animals in your mind, especially with the way they keep them in those cages when testing.

Also, I made this: