If you were not already aware, this is the greatest Toyobaru in the country. It's the Nameless Performance GT-86 and it will be tearing a rear-drive hole in the American rally scene this year.

Nameless has been working on this car for quite some time. Jalopnik's codriving mastermind Dusty Ventures actually rode along in it last year at the company's Pacific Northwest center of operations.


Now the team has rally ace, multiple 2WD champion, and human teddy bear Chris Duplessis at the wheel.


The car is gonna rip. It retired from its last event, the desert Seed9 Rally, just the other week with a mechanical failure despite sitting close behind the top of the running.

I cannot say how excited I am that America is getting the rear-drive rally monster it so greatly deserves. That and there's finally a dirt-course Toyobaru to match all of our bonkers Formula D cars.

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