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Something sad happened to us this morning: upon reading that the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA is running an exhibit on the life and cars of Steve McQueen, Lance Armstrong's girlfriend's song from that one annoying commercial with Dale, Jr. embedded itself in our brain. We immediately dislodged it with Lalo Schifrin's wonderfully evocative theme from Bullitt, but our immediate mental reference to Sheryl Crow makes us wonder if middle age is rapidly encroaching.

However, we can't wait to check out the show at the Pete. Although the Bullitt Mustangs have gone missing (one of them's reportedly somewhere back East, according to McQueen's son Chad), the show features McQueen's Jag XKSS (pinstriped by Von Dutch), the Porsche 908 he ran at Sebring and a replica of the flying Triumph motorcycle he rode in The Great Escape. The exhibit runs through January 22nd.

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