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You know how on some websites when you enter your name, you often get the privilege of selecting an honorific for yourself from a pull-down menu? For most of us, it's usually just a boring old Mr. or Ms., maybe a Dr. if you're lucky. Not McLaren buyers. This may be the best pull-down honorific list I've ever seen.


It came to us via this tweet, from an interested Alderaanian princess at McLaren's stand at the Geneva Auto Show:


Look at those options — Lord, Princess, Baron, King — they have King on the list! Think how good it must feel if you, as a king, finally find a pull-down menu with your rightful title on it! Think how sick you would be of picking Mr. and then writing "Well, I am a king" in the 'comments' section. It'd be like being named Glarfonix and finding your name on a novelty bicycle license plate.

I am a little concerned that there's no entries for 'Duke/Duchess' or 'Demigod/Demigoddess.' Or even 'Brutal Despot/Brutal Despotess.' They don't want to alienate their potential buyers, do they? They better fix that.

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