What can a journalist do when he isn’t Chris Harris and can’t get his/her hands on a McLaren P1, a Porsche 918 Spyder or a LaFerrari? Well, scaling things down a bit helps.

XCAR’s Alex Goy drives amazing cars on a regular basis. When I called him a lucky bastard at the Geneva Motor Show, he didn’t even flinch. Still, when it comes to driving the P1, the 918 and thethethe Ferrari back-to-back, even his team has to turn their attention towards Denmark...


Mind you, I had an idea how to finally figure out which of these three is the fastest. I even told Top Gear. You know the rest...

That leaves us with this experiment. It settles a big question once and for all. Thank you Alex!

Now, you know the truth. For more fun with Legos, head over to our dedicated site!


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