McLaren Hits House, McLaren Loses

All image credits: Trowbridge Fire Station

I don’t know if you’ve ever played this simple game called Rock-Paper-Scissors, but one aspect of it—the paper beats rock part—is infinitely confusing and illogical. How does paper beat rock? In the real world, when you have things like House-McLaren-Fire, it works out much more logically.

For instance, if you smash your McLaren 570S into a brick house in England, the house will win. And if your McLaren happens to catch fire after the smashing into said house, it will burn to a crisp, according to Sky News. The McLaren will lose in every single one of these situations.


Luckily, the two passengers were able to escape only with minor injuries by the time the local fire department showed up at around 6:30 a.m. last Sunday.

It’s unclear if anyone was home during the time of the crash, but as you can tell from the photos, the car seemed to have hit the house decently hard: a bunch of the brickwork fell away. The brickwork around the door also collapsed. Though it’s nothing compared to the disintegration experienced by the McLaren.

The fire department said that the car was on fire upon their arrival. They were able to successfully put the fire out.


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