Look At This Car On Fire

GIF via WXYZ Detroit

That is a car, on fire, in metro Detroit. Open another tab to get a clearer glimpse of the images below because, damn, that is intense. Remarkably, according to local TV stations in the area, there are no injuries to report.


Around 1:30 p.m., WXYZ reports, a semi truck and several vehicles exploded into flames after an accident on I-696, just north of Detroit. Smoke was visible for miles, WXYZ says, and the highway was closed for about an hour as fire fighters put out the flames. Thankfully, Michigan State Police said there were no injuries.


Here’s another shot of the scene:

Really, damn.

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Scott the Stagehand

I-696 can be crazy scary sometimes, not as bad as Southfield Freeway at night but the way some people weave in and out of traffic is downright stupid.