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After years of distraction building the SLR with Mercedes, McLaren is reportedly back on track with the successor to its legendary F1 supercar. Autocar reports the "F2" project is steaming ahead, using development once destined for the Mercedes-McLaren P8 — a project put on hold in 2005 amid quality and sales problems by then MB boss Eckhard Cordes. Now, spies say McLaren is now testing mechanical mules for a mid-engined prototype in the guise of a Ferrari 360. No word on whether it's sporting a naturally aspirated V12 or a more F1-relevant V8. Will it wrest the speed trophy back from Bugatti? Will it look like the spec image Autocar commissioned? Will it return to a BMW-sourced engine or build one at Woking? Too many questions.

Uncovered: the McLaren F2 [Autocar via Winding Road]

Mercedes-Benz McLaren P8 Project Scrapped; Mercedes McLaren Supercar Un-Cancelled; Mid-Engined Mercedes on Hold [internal]


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